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09 January 2018‘Gods, Goddesses, Heaven and Hell.’
12 December 2017‘Sing we Yule’
14 November 2017‘Adventures in Three Dimensions – 20th-century sculpture in Britain’
10 October 2017‘The Cult of Gloriana: Art, Music and Politics at the Court of the Virgin Queen’
13 June 2017'Les Parisiennes' - How Women Lived, Loved and Died in Paris from 1939 to 1949
09 May 2017An Introduction to the Gardens and Tea Houses of Japan
11 April 2017Christian and Islamic Art and Architecture in the Iberian Peninsula
14 March 2017Healing Stitches - Therapeutic Handicrafts at Times of Conflict
14 February 2017Hidden Canvases - street art in the City
10 January 2017Buckfast Abbey; the rebuilding of a mediaeval monastery
13 December 2016'That Jocund World' - theatre in the life and works of Charles Dickens
08 November 2016The Art and Beauty of Old Maps of the World
11 October 2016Bricks, Sheds and Unmade Beds: Is it Art?
14 June 2016 From Magic Lanterns to Metro Goldwyn Meyer
10 May 2016The Cult of the South Pacific - from Cook to Gauguin
12 April 2016Shakespeare: the Plays in Performance and Art
08 March 2016The Glasgow Boys - Painting in Scotland
09 February 2016Repton on the Tamar
12 January 2016Women Artists from 1500 to 1800
08 December 2015'Le Roi Soleil' - King Louis XIV

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‘Gods, Goddesses, Heaven and Hell.’ Kevin Karney Tuesday 09 January 2018

‘Gods, Goddesses, Heaven and Hell.’ Kevin Karney.

Mankind has always sought to understand where we come from, where we go to, and who is in control of our destiny.  There have been gods and goddesses from time immemorial.  This lecture considers the extraordinary influence that Plato and Aristotle had on the shaping of all thought about the heavens until the late Renaissance, and then how the Church and Establishment moulded the ideas of the Greek philosophers and astronomers to build a heavenly cosmology.


Kevin Karney - After a long career in the global Oil & Gas Business, specialising in Production Technology & Information Technology, now acting as a Magistrate and a Lecturer on the History & Science of Sundials and cosmology.

Specialties: Artificial Lift, Gas Lift, Hydraulic Fracturing, Information Planning, IT Strategy Development, Integrated Audit Processes, Practical Corporate Risk Management, Well Engineering Experienced Hire Recruitment, Gnomonics, HIstory & Development of the Equation of Time